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Here at Emmanuel Community Youth Group we are about loving others, telling people about Jesus, having fun, and dodge ball... lots of dodge ball. 

We have a dedicated staff of Youth Workers who invest their lives into the teens, by being there for them whenever they need, and for whatever they need.


Teens today are dealing with things that teens 20 years ago didn't have to deal with. So we want to show the teens of Ocean County that they are loved, they are worth it.

And no matter what anybody says, somebody loves them. And that somebody is Jesus Christ.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm-8pm. We also play dodge ball after youth group each week, Dodge ball goes from 8:15pm-9:15pm.

We do plenty of awesome things throughout the year;

  • Six Flags Trips

  • Winter Retreat

  • All Nighters

  • Sports Tournaments

  • Parties

So if you have a teen between the grades of 7th-12th, have them come out and hang out with us. 

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Youth Christmas Party 2021

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