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Pastor Don Meckley


Hi, my name is Don Meckley. My wife Lisa and I are here to serve the Lord through the Ministries of Emmanuel Community Church in Bayville of Ocean County, New Jersey.

We are both graduates of Liberty University. Lisa is a native of Dundalk, Baltimore County, MD. My hometown is Altoona in Blair County, Central Pennsylvania.

We have two children. Our Daughter, Ashley and her husband Hunter live in Lynchburg, VA. Ashley works for Heritage Baptist Church and Hunter works for Liberty Online. Our Son, Patrick & Kati his wife, and their two sons reside in Madison Heights, VA.. Patrick works for Liberty University where he is an adjunct Professor and serves in the Army National Guard. And Kati is full time mom to their sons; Donnie and Barrett.

We have lived in New Jersey for  20 years and look forward to the opportunities of each day to let the glory of the Lord rise among us!


We invite you to become familiar with the work God is doing in and through this fellowship of believers that we refer to as our “Faith Family”. If you are looking for a place to grow in faith and fellowship, please consider any of our gathering times.


Contact Info:
Cell - (609) 276-0972
Email - 

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Gary Fortin


Bill Van Pelt


Bill Quist



Jim Flynn 


Bill Lieter


Kirk Henehan (Chairman)


Frank Dolan


BJ Dolan


John Fischer


Roger Desch


George Nater



Church Secretary

Evelin Guadalupe

Financial Secretary

Elaine Fortin

Financial Secretary Assistant

Jackie Henehan

Church Clerk

Angela Nater

Youth Leader

Caleb Sauchelli


Favorite things on earth :

My wife, my cats, animals, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the New England Patriots, eating food, breathing, watching videos of kittens, making nachos, being alive.

How long have you been a Youth Leader?

8 years

Favorite thing about being a leader?

Spending time with the students and helping lead them to Jesus.

Being able to hang out with and mentor teens that are struggling in a crazy world is the reason I come to work every Wednesday.

Also wrecking them in dodgeball.

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