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Our Lady’s Ministry is about being there for one another.  To serve the body of Christ at Emmanuel Community Church. To support one another by providing meals in time of need, through prayer for one another, through fellowship – Mug & Muffins, Lady’s Tea day, celebrations and Bible Studies.

We all have life circumstances to deal with; some good, some bad.  God calls upon us to give to each other and giving is a joy when we do it in the right spirit.  It all depends on whether we think of it as, “what can I spare”? or “what can I share”?  Remember there is always enough time in a day to be the hands and feet of God.

Ladies Bible Study

Part 2 of the Book of Daniel @ 7pm

 ECC Room 10  Using Same Study book from Part I

The Study of Daniel’s Prophesies in Chapters 7-12 are prophetic
and our primary goal is to know the Most High more deeply by
developing a stronger grasp of the Book of Daniel.

JOY Ladies Meeting every 1st Tuesday of the month @ 6:30


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JOY Ladies Meal Ministry is looking for
Volunteers to provide a meal to those in our congregation in need.

God’s purpose and expectation for us is to serve others.

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