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As leaders of Emmanuel Community Church, we want you to know that we are monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.  While we haven’t heard of any cases in our church and very few in our county (and we certainly neither want to underreact or overreact), we plan to follow the counsel and directives of our State and Federal authorities, and monitor the advice of the World Health Organization and the U. S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

What are the practical steps we can take as a church? 

1.     If you have symptoms of any illness, including the common cold, please stay home.  If you or any in your family become ill while you are on the ECC campus, please take them home immediately.  If you have a child who is sick, including the common cold, please keep them home.  

2.   We should all follow proper hygienic care in an effort to mitigate the spread of any illness, so please wash or sanitize your hands frequently.  

3.   We encourage you, until this disease is under control, to refrain from handshaking, hugging, and kissing those who are not your immediate family while on the ECC campus.  

4.   If you have traveled to or been in contact with someone who has traveled to a highly affected region, we assure you that it is OK to stay home for two weeks.  However, please drop us a phone call at 732-269-5690 letting us know that you are not attending because of this reason.  

5.   But most importantly PRAY.  We trust the sovereignty of God and encourage you to resist any urge to be fearful. Prayer is powerful, and God is our perfect source of comfort and care.  We encourage all who call ECC their church home to remain faithful to God in prayer, and ask for His deliverance from this global outbreak and that He be glorified through His people. 

6. Offering plates will be positioned at the name tag table as you come in the back doors of the auditorium to avoid the hand to hand passing. Also, for the time being, coffee and beverages will be served in room 10 following the service but we will not be offering snack food at this time.

7. Rest assured we are cleaning our facility thoroughly on a weekly basis, paying particular attention to the gathering areas within our campus.  

From Medical Command Behavioral Health

On behalf of the Guardsmen that are serving at one of the north Jersey COVID-19 testing facilities. 

On behalf of the Guardsmen that are serving at one of the north Jersey COVID-19 testing facilities.

Here's a list of items that would help them as they help our state in handling this Pandemic. If you can help or is you know of someone who can help with some of the items listed below, please bring them by ECC and place in collection bin by main entrance doors and I will see they get to where they are needed.

*Write in the rain books  

*Hot hand warmers

*Toe warmers

*Candy- Gum

*Hot Sauce

*Board games


*Books to read

*Cavacide wipes (MEDCOM has plenty red tops they don’t use)

*Shaving needs for men


*Hand lotion


*Behavioral health pamphlets

*Major Ace


*Plastic popcorn bowls

*Chips and dip

Men's Bible Study

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About Pastor Don

Hi, my name is Don Meckley. My wife Lisa and I are here to serve the Lord through the Ministries of Emmanuel Community Church in Bayville of Ocean County, New Jersey. 

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