Pastor’s Report

2016 Pastor’s Report

James 4:8a “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you…”

May we view our Mission “To know Christ and make Christ known” through these lenses.

Our success in this area will identify us as an irresistible church. An irresistible church is a church that God loves to bless and can use in incredible ways. It is not a perfect church. It is one that is constantly aligning itself to please God. It is a place where you grow spiritually, leading to your desire to be engaged in its functions. Which leads to a strong sense of mission as you see salvations, baptisms, transformed lives, relationships healed, and leaders being raised up. In an irresistible church if you miss a week you’re disappointed rather than relieved. You want to be involved because you know good things happen within and around your church. You also want to invest for the long-haul in the kingdom of God. An irresistible church is one that you enjoy telling others about, Christians and non-Christians alike. You can relax at an irresistible church. Mistakes are made yet, the people in your church own up to their mistakes, learn and grow from them. Finally, in an irresistible church you are delightfully challenged. You leave different than when you arrived. You bear with people, as people bear with you, and an unstated motto is “we’re all in this together”. More than education & motivation, you are empowered each week with the tools needed for life, abundant life!

We know Emmanuel Community Church is much more than a building. It is made up of individual lives, and collectively we comprise what the Bible calls “the bride of Christ”. The more we grow to be like Christ, the more committed to his purposes we become, then the more involved in HIS mission we are. And, the more irresistible we are to Him so that He cannot remove His hand of blessing, because we are HIS church.

Watching and waiting, soon and very soon, we are going to see the KING,

Pastor Don Meckley