2012 Teen Mission

This year marks our first ECC mission trip to Jamaica. We’ve been planning for over a year with fundraising and team building activities.

Some of the fundraising and team building activities were:

  • Street Cleanups
  • Yard Sales
  • Dune Grass Planting at Island Beach State Park
  • Lunch & Dinner Service at Americas Keswick
  • Scrip Cards Sales
  • Movie Night at ECC
  • Puppet Show Ministry at Forked River Baptist church

Some photos of our preparation for our Mission trip to Negril Jamaica including photos of our Palm Grove family from past trips by the Borghoff family.

The Mission Leaders


From left to right: Deacon Floyd Green and his wife Janet, Pastor Don Meckley, Kim and Jeff Borghoff

Mission Trip Agenda

We’ll be working with our church family from Palm Grove Sunday School in Negril Jamaica.

  • Three full days of VBS using Pandamania from last summer’s ECC VBS including the Puppet Ministry
  • Attend and participate in the Palm Grove Youth Group ministry
  • Full day of Sunday praise & worship and evening fellowship with congregation
  • Minster to the children at the Royale Medical Centre Children’s Hospital in Savanna-La-Mar
  • Travel to Mayfield Falls to minister to community youth

Find out more information about Palm Grove Sunday School at PalmGrove.org and Facebook.com/palmgrovenegril.

The Youth Missionaries


Alesha Molitor

Throughout my Christian life God has always been there for me. When my friends found better people to hang out with and when I was left with no one he has always stayed with me. When boyfriends and young love became a big part of the surrounding people’s lives he was always there to help me along the righteous path. The biggest thing I do is sing. God gave me the gift of singing and performing and I love my gift! Ever since I was a little girl I sang. Around fifth or sixth grade my parents took me to a throat doctor. All my life I had a very raspy voice. We didn’t think much of it. Then after a voice test and a tube with a little camera on the end of it going into my nose to see my throat they saw that I had a cyst on my voice box. For any normal person who didn’t sing it is not a big deal. For a singer it means a raspy voice, always needing to clear your throat and sometimes not hitting the note you want to hit. It was devastating to hear if we got the cyst removed I could possibly never sing again or, worse lose my voice. So I stuck with the raspy voice. One day I was singing and I just could not hit the note and it was getting really hard to sing. I got frustrated with God and asked him why? Why if he gave me this gift is it so hard sometimes? I started to tell myself I wasn’t a good singer and wanted to stop completely. Then my good friend from church who is also a performer invited me to go to an audition for AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ). I went and sang and did a monologue. The judges told me I was a triple threat and they loved me. They said God did have plans for me. I knew then and there that God is not going to let my talent go to waste. I gave my voice to him and I will honor him with my praises. I am strong with the Lord and will always sing for him.

image_thumb1Christian Green

I grew up in a Christian home, still am, and accepted Christ as my savior when I was around four or five for my “fire insurance”. But since then I learned that it’s so much more than fire insurance, it’s a lifestyle as well as a relationship. I worked this past summer at a Christian Service Brigade camp in the Adirondacks of New York. There were no distractions, really allowing me to focus on God. Last St. Patrick’s Day a close friend of mine was hit by a car and died. God has gotten me through it by placing people in my life for comfort and support.

Even now it’s hard, but God’s going to keep me going, and opening doors to let me glorify him.


Cian Griffiths

When I was younger I’ve always known someone was watching my back. Every time I did something wrong my mom would always say God is watching you. Every day I thought she was lying right to my face. Then I have always tried to do things right so I would not be in trouble with God. I have tried my best to make God happy. Later on in life I would steal things from stores, but before I got in the car my parents would always catch me. From there on I would do things that were displeasing to my parents and God. I have always believed in a God I have just not known him way to well.

At the beginning of my school life freshmen year my dad tried to get me to go to youth group. He tried at least 10 times before I cracked and said OK I will go. Then in mid-October of 2008 I went to youth group this is where I got to know who God is. That was the beginning of when I had my spiritual life intact. The Holy Father has given me a loving family and good friends I can be around. From then on I did what God wanted me to do. Including going on these trips so I can get to know him more and more. I came to know Jesus as my savior during youth group when a band was playing. Then a few months later I was baptized in June of 2010. Then God kept on calling me to do more good works for him. I had ushered for ECC for a few months whenever the head ushers would ask me if I can help. I became a member of the church this year. Every day since God has been in my life I know I have forgiveness in him and I can trust him with anything. 1 John 1:5-8 which states that this is the message which we have heard from him and declared to you that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.

image_thumb3Dakota Thomson

I started going to youth group when I was eleven. After going to youth group and beach and bible for about a year, I went to my first Super Bowl in Philadelphia. After having the speaker there talk to me and ask if there was anyone who wanted to accept Christ as their savor, I raised my hand and went forward and prayed with someone who led me to Christ. I’ve been coming to youth group now for about six years. I go to church and try to stay involved in all the activities because I feel that it brings me closer to Jesus. Eventually, my dad started coming too and also my mom comes once in a while. And I think that it helps us as a family.


Eric Gonnella

Testimony? Whenever you hear this you most likely go into shock. What do they want to know? Why is mine not a good as his? Well, I’m going to put it out there. The best testimony is no testimony at all. Hear me out, when you hear a testimony from someone else all you constantly hear is the same heart felt feel of a person who has been addicted to alcohol, lost a loved one or just strayed far from the path.

Those are hardships God put you through to meet with him, and for others, he didn’t put that hardship. He simply came to them and they received Christ without going through these hardships. Many may argue with this idea, but it is in fact true. If I had to put out a testimony, being as when I accepted Gods calling, it would be a short one.

I didn’t grow up in a broken family, never lost someone close to me and never was a user, addict or alcoholic. I simply did the good church boy thing of learning Gods word and applying it to my life. It started at age 7, even though I really hadn’t felt my calling or where I fit in the scheme of things. I grew up going to Sunday school on Sundays, pioneers during the year and VBS in the summers. I simply was just called by God to become a follower and there’s been no doubt since that day.

If I had to go more into detail I would tell you that I was baptized twice already, once (the first one) of the Holy Spirit and then as a proclamation to the church body. I have heeded Gods word and have lived with every aspect of him in my life since 7 and I know he will never leave me or forsake me.


Jonah Green

I was born on April 24th 1997, I was 2 1/2 months early. I enjoy many things, like drawing, swimming, and playing piano. I like to draw anime and enjoy a challenge. When it comes to water, I’ll go in almost any temperature. Playing piano is peaceful and relaxing. I love a challenging song.

In my church, I’m involved in youth group, puppets, and praise team. I’m a youth leader within my youth group. Youth leaders are in charge or handling small groups, which the large group beak up to smaller groups to break down the message. My friend Evan and I are the youngest or the puppet team. But we are still doing our best to get the message of God out to others. On praise team, I sing and do the technical booth in the back. I like the sound booth because I get to help the Singers help the congregation with the right words to sing. When I’m older, I’d want to be a graphic designer for games or I’d be an artist.


Julia Charles

When I was at a very young age, I thought I was a believer of Christ. I went to Emmanuel Community Church growing up every Sunday. I was told that god died for me on the cross to forgive me of the sins I have done and will do. Also I was told if I believed in him I would go to haven. I know most of the bible stories growing up but I never really know the deeper meaning of it. Once my father left my family we were on our own and we stopped going to church. I forgot the truth of my faith and I became a fake Christian.

When I was in eighth grade I was invited back to Emmanuel Community Church by my best friend and it was a wakeup call. In the beginning I was lost but as time went on I was found. For every person coming to god is a journey that you don’t have to take alone. I finally accepted Christ as my savor when I was twelve years old. It was after my older brother passed away. I was questioning Gods authority and all he stood for, but when I took a closer look at the big picture and realized what was happening, I became aware that God took my brother from me for many reasons. I may not know the reasons but I can trust that they will and have bettered my growth and faith in my life and in God.

God is a big influence in my life. After my brother died my friend lost her mom, my other friend lost her dad, and another friend of mine also lost her mom. I began to think about why there was so many loved ones were dyeing around me. I was able to understand what it was like to lose a parent and having someone you love pass away. I was able to be there for my friends the same way god was there for me. I am so grateful and lucky for everything I have because others are worse off than me. I know not everyone believes in God but since I do I feel as if am able to spread his word to the ones around me who are yet to believe in him and his power.

God has pointed me in a completely direction that I would have never of thought I could reach. I was a troubled child growing up I had a dad who left us and was in and out of jail, an alcoholic mom, a dead brother, I was bullied most of my life, I fought with my brother and sister all the time, and no real place I could feel safe. God helped me through every day one day at a time, even when I thought about giving up, because God always had faith in me and I never lost faith in him I am here today and able to put the gifts god gave me to good use.

When I was told there was an extra spot for the mission trip and Pastor Don said I could go, I decided around mid-night that God wanted me to go. When I went there it was life changing and it fell on my older brother’s birthday. I was so upset on his birthday I was crying. Before we left I had was given a book from Miss. Carrie and in the cover there was a letter. At the end of the letter she wrote remember Psalm 26:1. I opened my bible and found the verse and it said Vindicate me, 0 LORD, for I have led a blameless life; I have trusted in the LORD without wavering. This quote has helped me in the struggles that I deal with every day. Before I go to sleep I pray to the lord that I have impacted at least one person’s life even if I bring them a little closer to God. I am not perfect but far from it, but I am who I am and I will use my gifts to be the salt and light in the world one step at a time.